What to expect:

Specially brewed Oktoberfest Bier:

Märzenbier, also known as Oktoberfest Bier, is a traditional German lager that was brewed in the early spring, usually March (hence the name). The beer was then stored - lagered - in cold caves through the summer months to be consumed in late September and early October during Oktoberfest celebration in Munich, Germany.


Walter’s Märzen is a dark-brown lager brewed with German-style malts and "noble" hops. We used modern methods to offer a medium-bodied, malty beer that is smooth to drink. So, raise a Stein and celebrate the season. Prost!



.5 L Biersteins available for purchase. Stein price $25.  Comes with one free beer fill ticket good for day of event.



4:00  Doors Open - Free Admission

4:45  O’zapft is! Keg Tapping Ceremony


Special Guests: Join members of the Walter Family as they travel in from Wisconsin to kick off the festivities! Oktoberfest Mayors, Kris Robertson (Walter) and Mary Selz (Walter), daughters of the late Karl Walter (the final Walter's family brewery president) will tap the keg! Thank you to The Abriendo Inn, the original historic home of the Pueblo Walter family, for hosting our guests!

Limited FREE BIER!  Here’s how they do it at the Munich Oktoberfest!

5:00  Band Starts


Live music and beer drinking songs with The Alan Polivka Band and Double McGuffin.  They also play rock, country and other popular hits. Alan Polivka Band at Denver Oktoberfest  and  Alan & Schtikmann.  Music ends at 10 pm.

6:00  Costume Contest (Kostümwettbewerb)

Come decked out in your best Bavarian Tracht! Categories are best Dirndl, best Lederhosen and best couple.  Need something to wear? Shop Lederhosen for men and Dirndl for women.


7:00  Steinholding Contest (Masskrugstemmen)

Steinholding is a traditional Bavarian strength contest in which competitors hold a full one-liter Bierstein out in front of their bodies with a straight arm, parallel to the ground. You go as long as you can and the last person holding with good form is the winner. Here are the official rules and more info.

8:00  Chicken Dance Contest (Ententanz Wettbewerb)

This American-German tradition is silly fun! The dance first came to the United States in 1981 during Oktoberfest celebrations in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A German band wanted to demonstrate the dance in costume for a local TV station, but a duck costume could not be located, so a chicken costume was used. Hence, chicken dance instead of duck dance. 

You can also expect:

  Bavarian Oktoberfest decorations

  Face painting for kids

  Trivia and giveaways by Walter’s

  Additional parking in the Main Street parking garage.

Food trucks with German food:

Steel City Café

Chef Harvey serves up farm fresh/local food that is sure to please anyone. We look forward to the special menu Chef Harvey has cooked up for Oktoberfest!

The Hungry Buffalo

Known for amazing dishes that feature bison meat, The Hungry Buffalo has quickly become a local favorite for Pueblo and surrounding communities. They are sure to bring something perfect for the German food lover to enjoy.

steel city cafe new.jpg
hungry buff.jpeg

Check out the Pueblo German American Club




What is Oktoberfest? 

On October 12, 1810, a party was held to celebrate the marriage of King Louis I to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. And although it started as a wedding celebration, today, the festival represents a celebration of German culture—with special emphasis on food and drink. At a typical Oktoberfest you'll find Steinholding contests, people dressed in traditional lederhosen, and usually a lively German band playing traditional music.

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